5Htp Combinations

Each individual responds to different kinds of medications in different ways. In the same way they respond to nutritional supplements including 5Htp in different ways. When serotonin levels increase in the body then cardiovascular diseases can increase and besides this there can be certain adverse effects too. Excess serotonin can get accumulated in the body if too much of 5Htp combinations with other prescription drugs are taken as part of diet or through the supplements.


Safest dosage, 100 mg!

The safest dosage to consider is around 100 mg which can extend up to 300 mg in certain cases. However it is very necessary to take combinations of 5Htp under the supervision or advices from the doctor. As per a few authorities large doses have been taken by some individuals but they do not experience any adverse effects, but this may not be applicable to all. It has been researched that a prescription drug called carbidopa can be taken in combination with natural 5Htp.

No prescription needed in certain cases:

During the process of peripheral circulation conversion to serotonin is prevented by 5Htp combinations when taken in combination with carbidopa. This too needs to be followed as per the doctor’s advice. While taking root extract 5Htp it is very necessary to take a few precautions, otherwise a few terrible side effects will certainly be experienced. It is not at all difficult to avail this herbal supplement from the local shops or the online stores. Since there is no prescription needed for this medication it is considered safe to use. Even if it is beneficial for certain people, it may not suit every individual.

Avoid excess 5Htp:

The body does not need excess serotonin and if combinations of 5Htp are taken in excess it can cause certain complications. Root extract 5Htp is an effective natural supplement however it cannot be taken certain individuals suffering from different ailments or from specific groups like:

  • Pregnant women
  • Heart ailments
  • Lactating women
  • Elderly individuals
  • Cancer patients
  • Alcoholics
  • Chain smokers
  • AIDS patients

Different kinds of side effects can be experienced like rash on skin, muscle weakness, diarrhea, nausea, edema, etc. In case other kinds of prescription medications are taken then it is best to avoid taking the 5Htp herbal medication. This medication must be taken only when the body needs it or if you are not bothered about its terrible side effects.

Excess 5Htp affects neurotransmitters and levels of serotonin:

Certain tricyclic medications, anti-depressants, medications for treating Parkinson’s disease, SSRI’s or Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, cold and antihistamine mediations, antibiotics, medicines for cancer etc are taken for treatment by various patients on whom the natural 5Htp supplement may not work effectively.  Neurotransmitters and levels of serotonin could get affected if this supplement is taken with prescription drugs and hence this must be avoided. As compared to 5Htp, another substance that is less potent is tryptophan which is also considered safe to use. However it can get enhanced with use of synergistic herbal extracts, lysine and niacin. Also avoid taking 5Htp combinations with alcohol.